Antonio Vattev started his brand av vattev in 2020 after graduating from Central Saint Martins.

From the heart of Bulgaria to the bustling streets of London- it's the blend of his homeland's rich heritage and London's eclectic youth culture that has sculpted the essence of Av Vattev.

These elements have come to intertwine with his desire for community, and deep interest in how artistic expressions such as music, performance, and arts interact.

av vattev celebrates the modern, urban and poetic man with  a unique style.

But what truly sets Av Vattev apart is its soul and purpose.

Sustainability isn't a buzzword for this brand – it's its beating heart. Antonio believes that fashion, like any form of art, has the responsibility to nurture the world around it. WE ARE AIMING FOR EXTENSIVE USE OF ALTERNATIVE LOW-IMPACT MATERIALS FOR BOTH FINISHED PRODUCTS AND PACKAGING - USING MORE THAN 70% DEADSTOCK, UP-CYCLED OR ORGANIC MATERIALS EACH SEASON.