Autumn Winter 2024

av vattev’s AW24 Men's Collection, ‘superculture’, is inspired by the Rock Against Racism movement from the 1970s, an iconic series of music festivals in Britain that united listeners from all backgrounds with a shared love of music. The collection captures the spirit of unity, cultural exchange, and rebellion against societal divides.

av vattev presents a contemporary fusion of movements spanning from the late '60s to the early 2020s, drawing inspiration from the likes of Mick Jagger, Liam Gallagher and British subcultures like Mod, Skinhead and Punk. These influences seamlessly meld with the brand's distinctive aesthetic and signature elements, creating an of-the-moment collection that resonates with today's landscape.

The accompanying book features collages that reflect various art, cultural, and photography movements that have influenced and shaped av vattev's visual identity. Through these images, the brand celebrates the rich tapestry of creativity and expression that continues to inspire its designs.


Superculture by av vattev Book Cover