Introducing SS24: Inspired by the Iconic Looks of Mick Jagger

SS24 draws its inspiration from the timeless style of Mick Jagger, a true icon whose influence transcends generations. From his electrifying performances to his effortless street style, Jagger's looks serve as the foundation of our latest collection.


From the iconic white dress worn at Hyde Park in 1969 to the bold androgynous ensembles that defined an era, each look has been meticulously curated and reimagined through the lens of av vattev's creative vision.


The collection features modern interpretations of Jagger's most memorable outfits, including the white dress reimagined as a 70's-inspired shirt with a pointed collar and drawstrings, and the classic check suit updated with av vattev's signature jukebox closure.


Building upon past seasons' successes, SS24 introduces innovative techniques such as laser-cut ornaments adorning A-line vent shoes and embroidered details on bowling shirts, seamlessly blending classic craftsmanship with contemporary design.


By harnessing the power of memory and reinterpretation, SS24 offers a fresh perspective on timeless style, inviting you to embrace the spirit of Mick Jagger with confidence and flair.