AW23 The Privilege of Observation


We would like to thank the British artist duo, Corbin Shaw and Flora Miles, the musician Hugo HamletThe producer and bassist for antipodean “collage-rock” punk group The Eyes - Kieran Hernage, the R&B artist - LOLA Lolita, the Dj Rishy Malik, and last but not least the Grammy Award-winning producer and rapper - Scribz Riley  The artist  Jordan Derrien and  V.O.Curations. " 


The privilege of observation


You can feel the observation of those two artists' work throughout the whole collection, almost creating a conversation between them.

O’Keeffe’s personal style, the expressive colour blocks and the shapes from her work are the foundation of av vattev's signature piece - the O’Keeffe intarsia jumper AW20, this season the ornament comes back but integrated into a big variety of garments using new techniques for the brand.


You can find the ornaments embroidered with a traditional Bulgarian technique -’’ Gaintan’’, topstitched with left raw edges, colour blocked in bold nuances, overlocked yarn or leather piped onto relaxed fit garments like sweatshirts, tracksuits, puffer jackets, jumpers and cropped vests.


Cristo’s influence could be seen in nylon raincoats, cropped jackets and trousers, where the top layers’ fabrics are pleated and fixed with satin belts in order to recreate the well-known wrapping technique Christo was using to cover notable monuments around the world.


Another raincoat pays tribute to Christo’s drawings, which he was selling to sponsor his major projects. The coat is made out of a bright yellow cotton drill body base, layered with draped red see-through mesh creating expressive shades which simulate  Christo’s pencil, wax crayon, and enamel sketches.


The signature elements of the brand like the jukebox closure, bold colour blocks, pattern-cutting techniques and over layered silhouettes melt down the two otherwise completely opposite inspirations into a seamless storytelling collection, where art meets life. This collection is a reflection of Antonio’s personal point of view, vision and lifestyle that goes with it.