Antonio Vattev started his brand av vattev in 2020 after graduating from Central Saint Martins. His previous experience includes internships for Lanvin and Wales Bonner and a position as a menswear designer for Saint Laurent.
Having been born in Bulgaria and then studying in London in his twenties - a decade of self-discovery - Antonio's cultural background and London's youth scene have been key to the development of his creative discourse.
These elements have come to intertwine with his desire for community, and deep interest in how artistic expressions such as music, performance, and arts interact.
The core of av vattev is based on 70's glamour and freedom, coming from the music and performance scenes.
av vattev man has a unique style and it's masculine but sensitive too.
Sustainability is an integral part of the brand. Antonio uses more than 70% deadstock, the rest of the fabrics are mostly up-cycled or organic. 
"I want people to experience and feel through my brand rather than just appreciate a clothing piece"
Contact us via studio@avvattev.com
LISA Black Pink at Born Pink World Tour / ROMEO Santos at Bad Bunny’s Seismic Yankee Stadium Show / Master Peace for Boys by Girls Magazine / KESHI Hell and Back tour London
BURNA BOY in av vattev top for DAZED Cover by Ib Kamara / Olivia Dean for Evening Standard
FARFETCH SS23 Jeans Campaign