ss 21

AV Vattev is based on dualities, where one of the polarizing subjects remains classic menswear tropes, juxtaposed with seemingly disparate concepts. For Spring/Summer 2021, Vattev conceptualizes the collection that bridges the gap between escapism and realism. The current global unrest owing to environmental catastrophes, pandemic outbreak and socio-political upheaval due to human injustice has often called forth the desire to escape, conjure up utopian realities of our own. But for Vattev there is a calling for our generation - the generation in rehearsal - which has to stand up and prepare for the future, however uncertain and indefinitely delayed; however dark the present, there is hope in Vattev’s world, the blind positivity that only a child can muster, under-toned with the inevitability of rose-colored glasses shattering to the sounds of everyday evils.

Styling @giovannidariolaudicina
Art direction @nameisriccardo
Photography @moritztibes
Make up @anatakonyourface
Model @zhuoo_
Set design @afrazamara