aw 20

av vattev bases his Fall 2020 collection on an imaginary collaboration in late 70s between two legends - Mick Jagger and Georgia O’keeffe. Two forces lead and redefined music and arts scene respectively with their strong vision, distinct personal style and unapologetic point of view that inspired av vattev to create a collection that fuses strong tailoring and luxurious sportswear.

The silhouette and fabrication are reminiscent of Jagger's personal style, immortalized in photographs on the street and backstage; while the patterns and textile techniques are strongly imbued with references to O’keeffe’s famous paintings.

Photographer: @pablodiprima
Styling: @ibkamara
Art Director: @riccardo.01111010
Movement Director: @ryanchappell
Set Designer: @afrazamara Art pieces: @jackbidewell
Make Up: @anatakonyourface using @maccosmetics
Hair: @blakejhenderson
Casting Director: @oscarmmiles @aamo_casting
Models: @momo_ndiaye_tillthisday @hamudihassuneh @tayohouse
Special thanks to @valeriedumont , @lucile_guilmard, @allesandroraimondo
All shoes @manoloblahnikhq